Dandy Warhols News and Rumor Archive - February 2002

February 28 2002 - Courtney correction
Ooops. In my haste to get something up before going to bed on the February 14th news, I messed up. Courtney was voted one of the best dressed men by GQ UK magazine, according to dandywarhols.com Not one of the sexiest.

February 25 2002 - Ash wins "Single Of The Year" at Carlings
Ash beat out the Dandy Warhols (and 3 other bands) to win single of the year at the NME Carling Awards, for their song "Burn Baby Burn." At least the Dandys can have "Single Of The Year Nominee" on their resumes.

February 25 2002 - Carling Awards today;Album Charts
The Carling Awards are today in the U.K., with the Dandy Warhols being nominated for best single. They will be at the show, but aren't scheduled to perform.

Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia has re-entered the U.K. top 100 album charts, coming in at #89.

Various reports about the re-release of "Get Off" have come out, centered around the B-sides that are going to be included. It is known they are going to be live versions of "Eight Days A Week" and "Stars," but from what show they will be taken from is still up in the air. According to reports, the band wasn't happy with the quality of the versions that were going to be used and nixed them. Other reports continue to say that the albums have already started to get pressed, so it won't be changing from what was reported before as being the versions (a short acoustic set on the U.K. show, "Pete & Geoff" from November). Either way, the release date hasn't changed from being March 4th. Chart-wise, It is going to be two weeks until the charts come out that will have the re-release of "Get Off".

February 14, 2002 - Carling Award Nomination;Press Junket Tour;GQ;Slabtown.net site 'news'
Quick and to the point for today.

Courtney has been named as one of the sexiest men of the year by the U.K. edition of GQ Magazine.

Boho has been nominated for best single of the year for the Carling Awards (Preseneted by NME ). This is a reader voted award, so go to the site and vote for this song, even if you don't think it is the best. At NME.com, just look for the links to the 2002 Carling Awards for more info on voting.

The band is heading to the U.K. yet again for another round of press appearances. They will be at the above-mentioned Carling Awards on Feb. 25th and on the televison show CDUK on March 2nd, two days before the re-release of the Get Off single (more on new reports of the single later this week. The Dandysrule2 mailing list has the info if you want to go ask someone there because you are impatient).

This site (slabtown.net) is even more screwed up then I thought and I have to correct some code. More info on it in the site update section. So, updates for news and site info could be slower then even usual in the next few days.

February 11, 2002 - Song titles for the new album.
I was talking wtih a very reliable source the other night, and got some information about the new album. Most specifically, the names of two of the songs on it. First is one called "Wonderful You" and secondly is a song about Kate Moss, titled "Kate". Titles can change of course between now and the release of the album, but these seem pretty solid. There is also no word on if either of these are the ones that are very similiar to songs by David Bowie.

February 10, 2002 - Get Off re-release info.;Zia's wedding gets a "do-over"
First the funny:
According to the official site, dandywarhols.com, when Zia got married to long-time boyfriend Travis on October 7th, someone forgot to turn in the marriage license. Thus, the marriage was never valid. So, during a recent trip to Portugal, the couple 'renewed' their vows at a ceremony conducted by Courtney (referred to on the homepage as "The Reverend Courtney Taylor-Taylor," though I am not sure of the validity of this title). All is happy in the Zia household once again.

Now the more newsworthy, even if it is small and mostly insignificant:
With the re-release of Get Off in the U.K., the CD will have different cover art from the original release of the single. No word on if this will be the "Horse Pills" cover or not, but it is confirmed to be different then the original from almost 2 years earlier.

February 6, 2002 - Courtney and Brent Side Project.
While the Dandy Warhols are doing a 2 week jaunt through Europe doing various media appearances, some new, mostly-boring information has come out. The only real thing I can remember right now is that Courtney and Brent are in a side project called "Slimmer Twins." According to Courtney, "It's more like lullabies of 60ies pop songs with fluid harmonies." This could also have been a joke, but the tone didn't imply it.
{slabtown.net update: this is not a joke by the band, and The Slimmer Twins are the real deal, playing shows around Portland.}

February 1, 2002 - January news archived;more opinions from the new album.
All news for January 2002 has been archived into a page by itself. I will do this every month.
The 2001 Year In Review was moved from the January news page and is instead on a page by itself now.

As more and more people are starting to hear parts of the new album, more and more comparisons to David Bowie are coming out, including one song that sounds amazingly like Bowies Ashes To Ashes. Still haven't heard any myself. Guess I suck, huh?