Free For All

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(spoken) Nuge! On 4.
(end spoken)
Never before have I turned on you
Oh, You look so good to me
Beady eyes, they could cut me in two
I just can't let you be.
It's a free for all, and I've been told
You can bet your life
Stakes are high and so am I,
It's in the air tonight

I See you there with your cheshire grin,
I got my eye on you
Shake your tail feather in my face, there's no tellin what I'll do.
Well looky here, you sweet young thing: the magic's in my hands
When in doubt, I'll whip it out. We got a rock'n'roll band.
It's a free for all.

Oh baby
Yeah, free for all
Suck it

Here we go, Lookin down below, I'm on the prowl tonight,
When it's said and done, I'll have my fun. I can chew on anything I like
Come on to a midnight ball. The invitation's there.
Come alone and I'll drive you home. Help me, I do declare
It's a free for all.

Oh baby
Yeah, free for all
Suck it

Its a free for all, baby
You want it, you got it.
Eat me, beat me, come on need me.
You want it baby?
Come and get it, its a free for all.
Oh baby, yeah, free for all.

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