Sad Vacation

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The Dandy Warhols are Courtney Taylor-Taylor // Peter Holmstrom // Zia McCabe // Brent DeBoer

Produced by The Dandy Warhols and Jeremy Sherer // Engineered by Jeremy Sherer at The Odditorium
Mixed by Tchad Blake // Additional Drums And Backing Vocals Recorded by Tim Johnson at Coloursound Studios, Melbourne, Australia, Second Engineer - Mat Robins // Mastered by Adam Ayan At Gateway Mastering, Portland, ME

Guest Contributors: Steve Berlin (Baritone Saxophone, "16 Tons") // Kat Gardner (Theremin "Well They're Gone")
Daniel Lamb (Trombone, "I Am Free") // Katie Presley (Trumpet, "I Am Free") // Taylor Aglipay (Tenor Saxophone, "I Am Free")

Album Design And Layout by Sean Gothman // Cover Painting by Hickory Mertsching
Painting Photographed by Dan Kivitka // Additional Cover Production by Steve Birch @ Servo
Band Portraits by Eliot Lee Hazel

Collage Photos by: Marianna Spellman, John Keel, Andreas Heur, Brendan Shanley, Giovanni Gallucci, Adam Scotti, Chloe Simone, Elliot Barnes, Brent DeBoer, Adam Dineen, Ray Gordon, Sean Gothman, Peter Holmstrom, Zia McCabe, Scott Simons, Courtney Taylor-Taylor and From Friends And Family

Band Management, Lee A. Cohen // Assisstant Manager, Emily Warner-McKenzie

(P) 2012 The End Records, (C) 2012 The Beginning Media, Under License From The Dandey Warhols
All Rights Reserved, Unauthorized Reproduction is a Violation Of Applicable Laws
Made In The U.S.A. // BTW 013 // WWW.DANDYWARHOLS.COM // 6 54436 02522 1

Sad Vacation (DeBoer/Taylor-Taylor)
The Autumn Carnival (Taylor-Taylor/Haskins
Enjoy Yourself (Taylor-Taylor)
Alternative Power To The People (Taylor-Taylor-DeBoer)
Well They're Gone (Taylor-Taylor)
Rest Your Head (Taylor-Taylor/Zuniga)
16 Tons (Travis)
I Am Free (taylor-Taylor)
SETI Vs. The WOW! Signal (Taylor-Taylor/Zuniga)
Don't Shoot She Cried (McCabe/DeBoer)
Slide (DeBoer)