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Not having a place to readily put all upcoming concerts in one location, a "tour" category was made.

When Listed:
As soon as hears of an upcoming concert, and finds it to more then likely be valid, it will be placed in the "upcoming tour menu". As each show passese, it will be assigned a number and be placed into the gigography, with as much information as is known about for each show.

Other Bands:
Other bands playing at the shows will not, for the time being, be listed. This is because it just didn't fit in with my page "formatting" and would have thrown everything off more then it already. is.

Ticket Sales: has tried to make seeing the band as easy as possible, so links have been put in place to take you to ticket info for each show. These links are always external to the website, and does not hold any guarantees or promises that, when you do get to the ordering page, that the show is already sold out. also is not responsible for any fraudulant actions on the part of ticket brokers.

post-show reviews, setlists:
If you make it to one off the shows and can remember any information about the setlist or have any photo or audio recordings of the show, send it in to Also, if you feel you want to write a review of a show, we are more then happy to read it, and possibly post it in the reviews section. No compensation wil be made for anything sent to, and all submissions become the property of