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Diffuser - Sad Vacation
Dead Horse March - Autumn Carnival
God Is In The TV - Rest Your Head

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Diffuser Poll: Song Of The Week (Cake's "The Winter" vs. Dandy Warhols "Sad Vacation") - Cake won with 87.89% of the vote. Ouch
Female First - Courtney Gets Ear Infection & Begins To Lose Voice (affected 1 show)
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Magnet Magazine - From The Desk Of:
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June 1 - Boston
June 1 - Boston

Show Reviews
April 18 - Dublin
April 18 - Dublin
April 20 - Manchester
April 20 - Manchester
April 21 - London
April 21 - London
April 21 - London
April 25 - Melkweg
April 29 - Paris
May 16 - San Francisco
May 16 - San Francisco
May 16 - San Francisco
May 16 - San Francisco
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May 17 - Los Angeles
May 17 - Los Angeles
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May 23 - Dallas
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May 29 - Washington, D.C.
May 29 - Washington, D.C.
May 29 - Washington, D.C.
May 29 - Washington, D.C.
May 30 - Philladelphia
May 30 - Philladelphia
June 1 - Boston
June 1 - Boston
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June 3 - Toronto
June 3 - Toronto
June 3 - Toronto
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June 5 - New York City
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June 6 - Brooklyn
June 6 - Brooklyn
June 6 - Brooklyn
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June 9 - Cleveland
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June 12 - Englewood
June 12 - Englewood
June 15 - Vancouver
June 15 - Vancouver
June 15 - Vancouver
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June 17 - Seattle
June 17 - Seattle