This Machine information

This should include all known information that can be shared right now concerning the bands next release, This Machine. Let me know if I miss anything.
The title has been officially announced as being "This Machine." This was mentioned a long time ago on (last May), but it was following a string of fake names, most of which I actually loved, such as "Pastor Of Muppets" and "Shitty Shitty Band Band".

In the end, the most significant first proof was on the official site, which posted the following picture, showing an early draft of the album label:

The album cover was also presented:

It was painted by Portland artist Hickory Mertasching.

Release Date
Has been announced as April 24th, though no word on if this is a global release date or just in the United States. Regardless, it will be available around the same time everywhere.

Track Titles
Official track listing, as posted on
I. Sad Vacation (DeBoer/Taylor-Taylor) - 4:28
II. The Autumn carnival (Taylor-Taylor/Haskins) - 4:00
III. Enjoy Yourself (Taylor-Taylor) - 3:01
IV. Alternative Power To The People (Taylor-Taylor/DeBoer) - 2:47
V. Well They're Gone (Taylor-Taylor) - 4:15
VI.Rest Your Head (Taylor-Taylor/Zuniga) - 4:14
VII. 16 Tons (Travis) - 2:08
XIII. I Am Free (Taylor-Taylor) - 4:07
IX. SETI Vs. The WOW! Signal (Taylor-Taylor/Zuniga) - 3:18
X. Don't Shoot She Cried (McCabe/DeBoer) - 5:53
XI. Slide (DeBoer) - 4:59

As you probably would guess, the names after each title is the writing credit, and the numbers are track lengths.

A few notable items:

16 Tons is a cover of a famous 1940's folk song written by Merle Travis, with the recognizable chorus of "You load 16 tons, what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt." Additionally, Steve Berlin of Los Lobos plays saxophone on it.

"Zuniga" is Miles Zuniga from Fastball

"Haskins" is David J Haskins, from Bauhaus & Love And Rockets. The track he is involved with, "Autumn Carnival" is getting a large amount of buzz.

Tchad Blake, who has done a lot of stuff with the band in the past, and lately helped with The Black Keys album, is back for mixing.

Jeremey Sherrer, who also has worked with the band in the past, is back on this album for engineering.

See below for downloading live versions of some of the songs.

The first song released was "Well They're Gone" and could be downloaded from the official site and at Rolling Stone magazine. The official site version is a higher quality one.

Yes, it does sound like The Man Who Sold The World, as well as a few other songs, but I mean that in a very good way. Loving it, myself.

The first actual single is Sad Vacation. The Huffington Post had an article about the song, including allowing the song to be listened to.

The second single has been announced as being Enjoy Yourself. Not really a surprise, and thats is meant in a good way. Video already filmed. Great song.

Album Reviews
The Nervous Breakdown
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Hot Press
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Purple Revolver

Talk Rock To Me - Courtney
Anti Music - Pete
Bombshell Zine - Courtney (May 22, 2011)
Record Label Releasing It
The album, both CD and vinyl is being released by The End records, which also released Courtney Taylor-Taylors One Nation Army.

Vinyl Release
The vinyl release contains no surprises, with the following breakdown:

01. Sad Vacation
02. The Autumn Carnival
03. Enjoy Yourself
04. Alternative Power To The People
05. Well They're Gone
06. Rest Your Head

07. 16 Tons
08. I Am Free
09. SETI vs. The Wow! Signal
10. Don't Shoot She Cried
11. Slide

The release will be 500 copies made, and the album itself will resemble the rings of a tree.

Watch the sites front page or the upcoming concerts page, assuming I remember to update it.

Each member of the band designed a T-shirt as merchandise for the new album:





Live Tracks
The following audio clips are live versions of the songs that have been played live so far. They are of varying quality, and I noted the source when known and/or remembered:

SETI Vs. The Wow! Signal
May 26, 2010 (I think): HQ - Adelaide, Australia (song debut)
Dec. 11, 2011: Doug Fir Lounge - Portland, OR
Rest Your Head
May 26, 2010 (I think): HQ - Adelaide, Australia (song debut)
Dec. 9, 2011: Star Theater - Portland, OR
Dec. 11, 2011: Doug Fir Lounge - Portland, OR
Enjoy Yourself
Dec. 10, 2011: Star Theater - Portland, OR
Dec. 11, 2011: Doug Fir Lounge - Portland, OR
I Am Free
Dec. 11, 2011: Doug Fir Lounge - Portland, OR
Well They're Gone
March 19, 2012: Crystal Ballroom - Portland, OR (not great quality)
Autumn Carnival
March 19, 2012: Crystal Ballroom - Portland, OR (not great quality)