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Using the Search box in the upper menu allows you to easily find a large amount of information about a specific subject. For example, Typing in Boston will show you a list of every entry containing the word Boston.

If you wish to get a specific listing, and not all matching results, enclose the term in quotation marks. For example, searching for Salt Lake City will show every entry for Salt Lake City, New York City and various other matching results (such as the March 14, 1996 show in Austin, due to a band named "Geezer Lake" playing). Searching for "Salt Lake City" will only show the Salt Lake City results.

Selecting Advanced Search from the search menu item brings up a secondary search page, with additional search options. Most importantly, by changing the Categories selection to Concerts, your search will not include results from any entries not classified as a Concert. This allows you to filter out the "This Day In History" entries, for easier result output.