Dandy Warhols Return With New Album

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Two years after their Welcome to the Monkeyhouse album. the Dandy Warhols are back with another LP chock full of catchy hooks and experimental vibes. This time around, though, the band who shot to fame on the back of a mobile phone ad campaign are taking it easier. "The experiment with this one was to make it easy on ourselves" explains Dandy frontman Courtney Taylor. "With this one we felt we had enough tools now in our belt that we should find out what we really are."

On Welcome to the Monkeyhouse the band tried out a synthesised pop sound. "We definitely had to try that," says Courtney Taylor. "We figured with the success of the record before it, if we failed miserably we could afford to." For their latest album - Odditorium or Warlords of Mars - they've hired Duran Duran's Nick Rhodes and producer Alan Moulder to take that sound further. "I think we're going to do our next record with Alan too. We're a mutual admiration society," adds Taylor.

It was Bohemian Like You that brought the Dandies to everyone's attention. Four years on, singer Courtney Taylor has yet to tire of the track. "It's one of the greatest pieces of music I've ever heard in my life," he says humbly. "I heard it on the plane and it just comes on and takes you." Clearly the 33-year-old has no qualms about selling out to big business. "I felt it would be selling out not to take $100,000 and get my beautiful music into every home possible.

The new album follows the release of music documentary Dig!, which charted the friendly rivalry between the Dandy Warhols and another Indie band. Courtney Taylor welcomes the exposure the film brought his outfit, but now distances himself from what he calls it's "sensational obviousness". "It's not really a documentary - it doesn't show all sides of the band. "I was surprised director Ondi Timoner was able to make something out of it. But man, it's a really good movie."'