Blinded By Science
by Sarah Kurchak
September 2, 2003

For The Dandy Warhols, "I Am a Scientist" may be more than just a song from their brand new album Welcome to the Monkey House. In Toronto for one of three exclusive album release parties held last month, singer Courtney Taylor-Taylor and keyboard player Zia McCabe sat down for a sleepy interview that quickly turned to the scientific realm. The discussion of theories ranged from thinking that we might someday become hydrogen-based creatures to what it must be like to be a professional researcher got them thinking about the research and development of the band itself. Let’s take a peek into their conversation:

"It would be fun if we cranked out records and that’s all we did. Really, when we were home, just cranked out records. Toured less," muses Taylor-Taylor, seemingly envious of the lifestyles of scientists.

"I have to have a balance, though," McCabe suggests. "Because I love touring."

"I’d like more balance rather a year and a half making a record and a year and a half non-stop on the road," Taylor-Taylor expands on the idea. "That way we’d be constantly doing both."

"I’d rather do six months/six months," counters McCabe.

"Yeah, me too," Taylor-Taylor agrees. "We’d get more research done that way. We’d chart our growth more accurately, as well."

"Or even, like, every couple of months," McCabe offers. "Even if the whole record doesn’t get done, the records could still come out as often, or twice as often. But you’re doing a lot of rehearsal time, too, taking the stuff and playing it live, so that you’re actually getting the pure research before you’re committing to the recording. We do the pure research afterwards. We do half and half. There’s nothing pure about it. It’s just chaos and some of it gets laid out on tracks and some of it we figure out later and go ‘D’oh!’"

Well, the club tour they’re on right now might not be their ideal six months or less on the road, but chances are that we’ll get to see the Dandys discover a few new things about their Monkey House along the way. Maybe we’ll even get to witness a "D’oh" or two on their Canadian dates:

August 29 Vancouver, BC @ The Commodore
September 7 Toronto, ON@ Opera House
September 8 Toronto, ON@ Opera House
September 9 Montreal, QC@ Le Spectrum