Dandy Warhols News and Rumors Archive - September 2003

September 28, 2003 - Added More Atlanta Concert Pics
Thanks to Melinda, I've uploaded another 50+ pictures of the September 17th concert in Atlanta, Georiga. A word of warning: The formatting is really poor right now, and I really need to make thumbnails to fix it. Anyway, the pics are at:

September 27, 2003 - Big Day Out Date Announced
As mentioned here eons ago, The Dandy Warhols are going to be part of the Big Day Out festival in Australia this January. The dates for those shows have been announced now:

Jan 16 - Auckland, NZ; Ericcson Stadium
Jan 18 - Gold Coast, Aus; Parklands
Jan 23 - Sydney; Olympic Park Showgrounds
Jan 26 - Melbourne; Royal Melbourne Showgrounds
Jan 30 - Adelaide; RA&HS Showgrounds
Feb 1 - Perth; Claremont Showgrounds

Tickets go on sale October 10th and the schedule will be announced in December.

To see what other acts are appearing, check out the Official Big Day Out homepage.

September 26, 2003 - Anniversary Pic
Was anybody besides myself really getting sick of the anniversary banner I had on the front of the site? Took it down.

If you still want to see the banner, it is at http://www.slabtown.net/photos/9annibanner.jpg still.

September 23, 2003 - Forums and concerts
OK, I took the time to make a going-away present for everyone, so I don't look like I did nothing before I started my job.

First, the upcoming concert listing and the gigography have been updated through tonights show in L.A., which is the last one I know about before they start opening for Bowie on October 7th.

Secondly, the forums are now open. You can get there by clicking on the forum link on the menu to the left, or you can just go to http://www.slabtown.net/forum/index.php. If you were a member of the old forum, you have to re-register. Sorry about that. Also, the layout for it now is just one I downloaded from some site and doesn't really go with the slabtown layout overall. So, as I mentioned before, I will be redoing it to look like the rest of the site, but when I do that, it shouldn't affect any posts or membership that happen before then.

So, use it if you want, or don't if you don't want. It wasn't used much before, so I don't expect it to be used much now. I will be posting a messsage tomorrow on the boards themself to talk about the rules and requests I have for users. Trust me when I say they are very minimal.

September 23, 2003 - Upcoming updates
This isn't really Dandy related, and is more just as a heads-up to people who come here for updates...

I start a new job tomorrow so I am not sure how that will affect updates for a bit. It might start out meaning less updates (such as me currently having about 40 unread emails), but hopefully after I have been there a few weeks or so, I will actually have enough free time to update more often than I do right now, or at least to get rid of some of the backlog of things I need to add (such as typing out about a dozen printed articles that I haven't got around to doing. Hell, I've had the French Rolling STone article for like six months now and haven't added it).

Also, the forums will be opened again soon. They are actually all set up and ready to go, but I am trying to make it look like the rest of the site, which currently it doesn't at all. What I'll probably end up doing is opening it up and just changing the layout of it down the line. It isn't like it's ugly now. It just doesn't match the rest of the site.

September 22, 2003 - Subterranian appearance
I would have updated this right after the show ended the other night, but to be honest, I was so disappointed by it, I didn't want to bother talking about it. Basically Courtney was acting like a total jerk to the host and really was apparent he didn't want to be there. The only notable part that came out of it all was the explanation of how much Evan Dando contributed to The Last High. It seems that he added the line "I was only out for a day" and suggested adding the city names... which he suggested being Toronto and L.A. Courtney decided to change it to actually match the cities that were the ones actually involved in the story that made up the song (which is a song about how hard it was for him going out with Michelle Norkett I believe). Anyway, if you didn't see the appearance, don't bother trying to take the time to see it.

September 19, 2003 - KCRW replaying Dandy Warhols interview and acoustic performance
This sunday, KCRW will be playing parts of the acoustic performance they already played earlier this month. I listened to the recording of what will be broadcast Sunday, and they are only playing The Last Time, We Used To Be Friends, Eight Days A Week, The Last High and Godless, along with about 5 minutes of what was a 15+ minute interview.

Also, I've uploaded a recording that has all the tracks played at the KCRW appearance and you can download it at:
http://www.slabtown.net/audio/kcrw2003/kcrw2003.html I think. The recording has a couple very small audio problems but I am trying to fix those up with a better recording. But getting a perfect one has been hard.

September 18, 2003 - Photos from last nights concert
Jeff came through again, sending in a few more pictures. This time they are from the Atlanta show on September 17th. Thanks, Jeff!


September 18, 2003 - DW on MTV2
Ed sent me an email letting me know that the Dandy Warhols are guest hosting a show on MTV2 called Subterranean. According to the website for the show, the show airs at the following times:
Fri, Sep 19 @ 1:00 AM
Sun, Sep 21 @ 1:00 AM
Tue, Sep 23 @ 2:30 AM
Fri, Sep 26 @ 1:00 AM
Sun, Sep 28 @ 1:00 AM
Tue, Sep 30 @ 2:30 AM

For more information, you can see said homepage at http://www.mtv.com/onair/mtv2/subterranean/index.jhtml

Also, as expected, the Dandy Warhols aren't opening for Bowie in the U.S. Macy Gray is.

If anyone wants to hack into my computer, I have a lot of new reviews and albums that need to just be uploaded to the page....

September 16, 2003 - Non-Bowie UK tour info
Peter A on dandysrule2 posted a press release that listed all the concerts that the Warhols are playing in Europe without Bowie while they are over there. These have all been added to the upcoming concerts page, along with ticket information.
November 18 - Liverpool, U.K.; Liverpool University
November 27 - Nottingham, U.K.; Rock City
November 29 - Glasgow, Scotland; Barrowlands
December 1 - London, U.K.; Forum

Forgot to mention that the San Diego shows were cancelled weeks ago. They have been removed from the upcoming concerts page as well.

September 15, 2003 - more photos; RS mention
Jeff sent in 4 more pics from D.C.

In the latest issue of Rolling Stone, there is an interview with David Bowie. When asked which musicians impress him the most right now, he said:
The Dandy Warhols - they've got to be the funniest band around. Courtney [Taylor] has me in a fit from the moment he opens his mouth. When he walks into the room, I just want to put my beads on, you know?
Overall, the magazine has had a lot of Warhols coverage lately, with at least 7 mentions in the past 3 issues and either 5 or 6 straight issues of being mentioned. The other mentions, when I mean to add, but haven't gotten to, are things such as the bands place on the college radio charts (where according to The Official Site, Welcome To The Monkey House hit #1 on the charts), a quote by Courtney on what they did during the blackout (Got drunk on tequila) and We Used To Be Friends being an editors pick one issue (where they only choose 5 things an issue. DW was #3).

There are a few other things the official site has talked about that I haven't reported, so in the next few days, I will probably go and just report what is said there. But, it is easier probably to just go to the site.

September 14, 2003 - photos
Added some new photos and some I forgot to add before.

Photos from Sept 12, 2003 show in D.C.... More on the way.

The photo shoot from the bands article in the September issue of Esquire.

September 14, 2003 - CCR played
FUCK! The band is really mixing stuff up on this new tour... they are playing things they haven't in years and really throwing in variety. Already on this tour they had played Edmund Fitz, and tonight in Philly they played CCR. I really need copies of these shows! They sound great.

And if people can remember, I'd still love to get setlists of what was played at these shows. Some reports have said that they have played new covers of songs as well, including what is thought to be a Smiths track.

September 12, 2003 - contest
I'm back and got my email straightened out.

This was mentioned on MTV.com apparently, so I will add a bit more info.

The Dandy Warhols and ifilms.com are having a contest where the winner gets to fly to Portland with a friend and hang out with the band at the Odditorium for a day. What do you have to do? Make a video or short film that utilizes either We Used To Be Friends or The Last High. Sorry, this contest is only open to U.S. residents.

For more information on the contest, keep an eye on http://dandywarhols.com/contests//ifilm/.

Good luck.

September 9, 2003 - email fraud
Let's see how to word this without souding too confusing... It really is a minor issue.

Sometimes I use another email address (my non-slabtown one), such as 100% of the time on dandysrule2. Anyway, this afternoon, someone sent a message to the list with that account, but it wasn't me (What was said isn't important and it seems vague anyway)... because of this, until you hear otherwise on here or on dandysrule2, don't assume it is me that sent it. And boy I'm not a happy camper about it.

September 8, 2003 - audio update and other issues
Some updates on the audio available on the site...

I talked recently about how I wanted to make a menu page for all the audio on this site, but when looking at other problems I was having (such as the forum section, which I'll talk about in a second), I realized I was over my disk usage allowance for my site. Because of this, I had to delete a few audio files from the site, and of course this means that a menu I made that had what was available would not be accurate as I add/take off stuff to make room. So, unless I get more room available to me, I won't be able to keep things up indefinately, as I had been doing. Currently, I took down all the Black Dog remixes, along with recordings from Glasto 2002 and Pinkpop 2003 (though Loose is still available from the former).
On a related note, to download a recording of Mohammed taped for KCRW back in August 2000, go to http://www.slabtown.net/audio/mohammed_kcrw.mp3.

On another related note, but in a different direction... because I was out of room for my disk usage, if you sent an email in the past week or so, I probably didn't get it, and would request that you send it again. Also, a few weeks ago, I got an email from someone with the subject line of "BLACK ALBUM" and the user name who sent it was something similiar... I erased it before I read it accidently, so if you can send it again, I'd appreciate it.

The message board/forum is working again, but all old users have been erased, as has old messages. I saved them though, so I might try to either repost them or make an archive of them someplace, just for posterities sake. I am not sure exactly when it will be open again, since I'm not really rushing myself on it. When it was opened before, it wasn't used me, just as the chat room has never been used much.

September 6, 2003 - "Greatest Hits" CD
It is strange how every once in a while, I end up getting 3 or 4 emails on a subject all within like 20 minutes of each other. So, I figured I would address it now in a short update.

Yes, there is a "Dandy Warhols Greatest Hits" CD out. No it isn't a real "greatest hits" release. It is a canadian promo album that has about 12 tracks on it, with like 6 tracks from Monkey House, 1 from the Boho single (Hells Bells), 3 or so from 13 Tales and 3 or so from Come Down. I plan on taking a nap now, but if I remember when I wake up, I'll make a page for it and upload a picture of the CD.

Go to the Site Update page to get the link to the greatest hits cd.

September 5, 2003 - Download two tracks from the KCRW appearance.
OK, in the flurry of my updates yesterday (gigography is basically all caught up, with only the setlists not added. Also added a few other things), I only got a chance to convert two of the tracks from the acoustic broadcast yesterday on KCRW. The other 6 will show up later.

We Used To Be Friends
The Last High

On a related note, I'm also in the process of making a menu page for the audio content at slabtown. It is about half done and should have 20 to 25 downloadable tracks to start with. Nothing overly special, as basically it is just a listing of all the audio I've uploaded over time here at slabtown and mentioned in the news sections. As a heads-up, except for maybe the rare occasion, if a track is available commercially, it won't appear here. This includes b-sides to singles and special versions that appear on compilations.

September 4, 2003 - New shows; upcoming radio appearance
I'd write a review of the Portland show, but I was too drunk to a) record the concert right and therefore b) pay close enough attention to details. So, here is the short review: Awesome set, everything came across great, especially You Come In Burned, as others have said. No opening band, which has been the standard practice for all the U.S. shows, and should continue to be. Just 2-3 hours of Warhols playing.

On the note of talking about shows, The Official Site has cryptically added to their show listings for September 15th "- Unknown -, United States"... expect this to be the makeup show for The Plaid set that was cancelled in NYC due to the blackout. It also might be a make-up of the Used Cafe/Housing Works show that was cancelled for the same day, but I would put my money on The Plaid, as I was told at the time that the show was to be rescheduled (scroll down to the August 15th update on this page to read it).

Also, DW will be playing a non-Bowie show in Nottingham, U.K. on November 27th at Rock City.

A few weeks back, Courtney and Brent played on KCRW as The Slimmer Twins (their side project of playing acoustic cover songs), and it is to be broadcast today, September 4th at 11am. The station is live on the internet at http://www.kcrw.com/. It is also going to be broadcast on their television station MBC

Finally, check the site update page for new articles and pages added for new songs.