Dandy Warhols News and Rumors Archive - September 2002

September 29, 2002 - U.K. Chart Info
This week, Thirteen Tales climbed 21 spots in the U.K. charts, up to #79.

September 28, 2002 - Slabtown.Net note and Album 4 info.
This is another post that will go in the "news" and "site update" section, due for lack of any better place to put it. But, I have gotten a few questions lately on this, so I figured I would respond to the larger audience.

Unless something is really groundbreaking (like an actual release day) comes out about the new album, all Album 4 information will be on the Album 4 page, and not on the news page. Similarily, just like updates to the news page aren't on the site update page, updates to the Album 4 page are not included on the site update page. So, the only way to keep track of the most up-to-date info on the new album is specifically checking the Album 4 page.

The reasoning behind this is purely a lazy one: Each time I update the A4 page, I don't want to have to also update the news page and the site update page. I would rather just update one page. And, until I get off my lazy ass and add some scripts and databases, it isn't all done automatically.

On a related note, I have looked around for a script that will allow for the menu to say when a page was last updated (for example saying "News (9/20)" to show that the news page was last updated on September 20th), but currently, I would have to change something on every single page to have that work, and I don't want to edit over 3000 pages.

Since I have this non-linear dialogue open, I figured I'd throw out the latest about Album 4, in case you haven't been keeping up: Mixing should be done Mid-October, and the band is currently mixing in NYC. Unofficially, Courtney has been telling people that the album is looking for a February release in the U.S.

September 25, 2002 - Warhols ripping... errm... well... OK, they're just barely appearing on the U.K. Top 100 charts.
As seems to be the status quo for the band recently, the Dandy warhols came in at #100 in this weeks U.K. top 100 albums charts. This is the same position they had 3 weeks ago, and 2 positions higher then they had last week. No word on what they had on the week in between. It does appear that the band will be stuck in this area of the charts until their new album comes out in February (see the Album 4 Update section for more on that), when I would expect them to see a boost for their album, related to a new release.

September 25, 2002 - DW.com update
The official site has 31 new pics of the band, taken in Greece in August. They actually went up a few days ago, but I have been too lazy to mention it here.

Anyway, this site isn't called "slabtown's minute-by-minute update of the official site"!!! SCREW THEM!

OK, I'm just kidding. I was just feeling guilty about having a 1 line, like 1 dozen word post. Had to add drama.

September 15, 2002 - Igby Update
Aaaron on the Dandysrule2 mailing list saw the movie I talked about yesterday (Igby Goes Down), and said that both Boho and Be-In are featured prominently in the movie. Still no word on the soundtrack (though I haven't looked either). Oh, and he said it wasn't a bad movie either.

September 14, 2002 - Another commercial
Ads for the new movie, Igby Goes Down, features Bohemian Like You. No idea yet if it is in the movie as well, but it would make sense for it to be.

September 9, 2002 - Troys Goodbye
Thanks to Nate from dandysrule2 for pointing this out.

As followers of the band know, a few years ago, a man named Troy Stewart (notable for never wanting his face shown, and always wearing a white stetson hat) helped the band a lot. Most notably he played trumpet, but he was very talented at a ton of other instruments. I believe that he played the sit-down guitar for Country Leaver (if not on the album, then at least in some live performances), as well as guitar in many other songs live. Anyway, Sean at the official site posted in his private section a letter he got from Troy. It is to Sean, but overall it is a good enough example/proof that his time with the Dandy Warhols are done:


	Howdy. Just a last one to tell you once again, thank you for all the 
	work you have put into your craft. As you probably allready know, my 
	work is done here and it's time to ride off into the sunset to be a 
	lucky charm for some unfortunate others. Over the last couple of 
	years I have enjoyed the "mysterious" light you have cast me in 
	through the web site. In the 35 years it took me to finally attain 
	the world stage, I always thought being "recognized" in public and 
	private life would be the prize. But now realize annonimity (through 
	big hat and your help) is the reward that will keep a smile on my 
	face for years to come. 

	Best of luck to you Sean. 

	The Horse 
On their current swings through Europe, they have had a man named Achilles helping them along (I believe he is from Greece), but Troy will be missed, for sure. He was quite talented and with his lack of face time, made for a nice "mystery man" vibe.

Good luck, Troy.

September 8, 2002 - DW turning into Moby?
I meant to write this up the other day, but forgot. Not that its a big deal.

In recent weeks, there have been even more instances of Dandy songs being used in the background of commercials. Besides the national (in the U.S.) use of Ride in the Verizon commercials, Godless has appeared in a Nissan commercial (U.S.), Every Day Should Be A Holiday is in a commercial for "Monarch Of The Glen" (U.K. - Swedish Drama on BBC), and the Godless remix is in the Film4 ads for "Requium For A Dream", which is a kickass movie in itself.

In addition, on Dandysrule2, Aaron says to expect more in the states, with the number pegged at 4 nationally, which includes the Verizon and Nissan ones.

Also, I thought I mentioned this, but I saw I only made a page for the soundtrack... but anyway, Boho appears on the U.K. T.V. show "Is Harry On The Boat?" My money is that it is just background music in one episode, but I'm not sure. The only thing I know about it's appearance on the show is that it is on the shows soundtrack album.

September 7, 2002 - Zia's comments on Meltdown;more slabtown.net comments on it
Zia sent me an email about Meltdown, with permission to print it. I was going to post a small follow-up comment, but it ended up turning into a full-fledged editorial (poorly written, of course). So, for those who don't want to be bored, I've included Zia's quote here, along with a link to my poorly-written editorial follow-up.

"The show with David Bowie was one of the coolest and best shows we've ever done and anyone that thinks otherwise doesn't get what Meltdown or The Dandy Warhols is all about. Does everyone understand that it's a week long arts festival in a theatre with seating. Of course we didn't play a rock show. We played free form experimental versions of three of our songs. It was an incredible experience that I don't think the journalists understood or appreciated. Any fan of ours who wasn't there really missed out on something rare and special."

Slabtown.Net's Editorial on Meltdown

September 3, 2002 - New pics on the offical site
dandywarhols.com has new pics of the band, from Meltdown (6 pictures) and T In The Park (21 pictures). Nothing else looked new on it.

September 3, 2002 - Slabtown.net mailing address; 13 Tales re-charts
This week, 13 Tales From Urban Bohemia entered the top 100 charts for the U.K. again. This is it's first appearance on the list since July 7th. Dandys Rule, OK dropped out of the top 100.

This is another one of those pieces of news that goes in both site update and here. I added my home mailing address to the "contact slabtown.net" section. This was done because word I have recently is that Capitol Records is looking to send me a cease and desist order, and I want them to know where to send it. I figured that while this is a site update topic, I would add it to the news section as well, in case Capitol didn't check there for it.