Dandy Warhols News and Rumors Archive - October 2002

October 13, 2002 - Weekly U.K. charts
Pretty quiet lately. New album is expected to be done mixing Wednesday.

Thirteen Tales came in at #87 this week in the U.K. album charts.

October 4, 2002 - Weekly U.K. charts
13 Tales climbed up 1 spot in this weeks U.K. Top 100 Albums chart. It is now at #78

October 4, 2002 - Dandys Appearing On New Compilation CD
If you are an obsessive freak, like me, you have to have anything released that the band has appeared on. And a new compilation just came out that has Last Junkie on it.

I believe that the release is a two CD set that features bands from the Livid Festival (in Australia). Disk one contains artists from 2002 and disk 2 contains some of the best acts from 1989-2001. No word on if the tracks on the CDs will be the generic versions, or if they will be live versions from the festival itself.

Check out http://www.dew-process.com/soundcheck/index.html for more information.

October 3, 2002 - New Album 4 Song Titles
Yeah, Yeah. I know I said a few days ago that I wouldn't post Album 4 news here, but this was some pretty cool news. in the Album 4 section, 3 new song titles were added, including the name of the "Ashes To Ashes" clone track.