Dandy Warhols News and Rumors Archive - May 2002

May 31, 2002 - Forums Open
In yet another effort to avoid doing a lot of typing for the site, I put up a message board for the site. It can be found either in the menu on the left (towards the bottom, in the miscellaneous section), or by going to www.slabtown.net/forum/index.php . The biggest drawback at this time is that it uses cookies, which I can't stand. So far on the site, I have avoided any use of them, but for this board, it was needed. This shouldn't be an issue, but I wanted to let people know there are cookies on the boards.

Currently, there is no activity on the boards, and as with the chat room, I wouldn't expect there to be a lot of interest in the forums for a while. Also, consider the whole forum as being in "testing and evaluation phase." If it ends up taking too much moderation to keep it friendly, or other various problems, I'll just shut it down. I don't mean that as a threat, but just as a notice that they might dissapear all of a sudden one day.

If anyone has any topics that they feel should be added and that aren't already covered, write to slabtown.net and let us know.

May 30, 2002 - Pete Interview
Pete did an interview recently that confirmed a lot of Album 4 information, which can be found in the Album 4 section.

Also, he has confirmed that on the upcoming tour, they will be playing at least 2 new songs.

On other tour news, he stated that they will be doing a show with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club in Greece later this year. While they will both be playing at the Rockwave Festival in Greece (their only announced Greece appearance), the impression I got from the interview was that the show he was talking about was a club show.

May 29, 2002 - New U.K. show added?
A rumor mentioned on dandysrule2, by Pete, says that the Dandy Warhols might appear on the alternative stage at Londons Mardi Gras on July 6th. Enough emphasis can't be placed on the fact that this is only a rumor right now.

currently at dandywarhols.com, they have a 'new' mp3 for download: a previously unknown-by-slabtown.net second Black Dog remix of Horse Pills. Snatch it up before Sean makes it go bye-bye.

May 28, 2002 - Chat Room opened
OK, this actually happened 4 days ago, which I mentioned on Dandysrule2 and in the Site Update section, but figured I'd mention it on here too.

Slabtown.net has opened up a small chat room for your enjoyment. I don't expect many people to ever really be in it, as these things don't really have much of a fanbase most of the time, due to a cause-effect thing (people don't hang around in it because there is no one there, and no one is there because people don't hang around in it). But thats fine. It is a small piece of code and doesn't hurt just having it there. I tend to be in it whenever I'm working on the site, or often just when I'm on the net doing various things.

Also, I got one of the tracks from the new album, so expect some sort of review from me about it in the coming week.

May 22, 2002 - Album 4 info
This past few days was a good one for new information on Album 4. All of it is in the Album 4 section, but to summarize it up:

"Rock Bottom" and "Suffered And Sound" are song titles from it. "Kate" has been changed to "Not Fucking Kate Moss (Was The Worst Decision Of My Life)"

There should be 11 tracks on the album.

May 19, 2002 - Dandywarhols.com ticket giveaway
This came up a few days ago, but I forgot to mention it on here...

Dandywarhols.com is giving away two tickets to the June 13th Portland concert. To win them, you have to send in a picture. Full information is available at the official site, through a pop-up window when you first enter the site. If you don't want to deal with a pop-up, go to http://www.dandywarhols.com/contest.html

May 18, 2002 - "Plan A" confirmed
A few hours after I posted the rumor/information about Simon LeBon doing some vocals for a track named Plan A, duranduran.com confirmed the info. So, barring any sudden changes, pencil this news in as firm.

May 17, 2002 - Short "Album 4" blurb.
Got word this morning that Simon LeBon of Duran Duran contributed vocals to a track on the new album named "Plan A". The track title, not the album title. Should get more info later.

May 16, 2002 - More European shows.
Fresh off the heels of my "bragging at outscooping dandywarhols.com," (as I was accused in an email. It really wasn't my intent, though reading it back, I can see how it came out that way) I noticed a lot of other shows added to the offical site that I hadn't noticed before.:
7/04/2002 - Arezzo, Italy - Arezzowave Festival
7/05/2002 - Rome, Italy - Valle Giulia
8/22/2002 - Hasselt-Kiewi, Belgium - Pukkelpop Festival
8/25/2002 - Biddinghuizen, Flevoland, Netherlands - Lowlands Festival at Six Flags Holland

Looking into a few of these shows, not much extra information was garnered. One interesting thing was that the webpage for the pukkelpop fest is nothing but a place to email in your top 5 choices for what bands you want to come to the show. No ticket info on it or other festival info.

Again, if I came across as an asshole (which I probably am), in regards to the May 15th news, I'm sorry. Really was not intentional.

May 15, 2002 - Opening band for Portland show.
The official site has now posted what was posted here a while back (April 30th), which is that the Dandy Warhols are playing Reading and Leeds, and that a Portland show will be happening before they head to Europe.

New information was added, though, in the way of the opening band for the Portland show: Durango Park. I'm pretty underwhelmed, but thats just because I was hoping for maybe King Black Acid, Rick Bain, or maybe just the Slimmer Twins. Oh well.

May 12, 2002 - 13 Tales re-charts in the U.K.
For no explainable reason, 13 Tales From Urban Bohemia has hit the top 100 charts in the U.K. this week, coming in at #96. This is the first appearance on the top 100 charts for the album since being at #79 on March 31st.

May 11, 2002 - Upcoming show in Portland (June 13th)
Thanks to Nate on dandysrule2, there is now information on a Dandy Warhols show in Portland before they cross the pond in late June for the festival circuit.
The details:
June 13, 2002
Portland, Oregon
Crystal Ballroom
Opening acts currently "unannounced"
Price is $13.50 + service charges.
Tickets on sale now at Ticketmaster. I also added a link for the tickets on the Upcoming Tour Info page.

May 9, 2002 - Release "season"
NME.com is reporting that the new album will be out in the U.K. by the end of the year, and will hit stateside early in 2003.

May 4, 2002 - This years Blur?
Last week, in the London-based paper The Times, a reporter by the name of Stewart Maconie criticized David Bowie for his line-up at this years Meltdown shows, which the Dandy Warhols are "co-headlining" the last night of. I haven't seen the original comments (if you have them, I would love to read them), but have read Bowies rebuttal, in which he does mention the Dandys, with the quote of "Could we agree that the Dandy Warhols are this year’s Blur, both fine bands?"

Can't turn down promotion like that.