Dandy Warhols News and Rumors Archive - June 2003

June 27, 2003 - Sunset Junction/Silverlake info
Got an email that directed me to a little more information about the August 24th Sunset Junction Street Fair show.

The event is in the Silver Lake district of Los Angeles on Sunset Blvd between the 3600 and 4200 blocks. The show is "Free" but with a $7 donation asked. It will run on the 23rd (10am to 11pm) and the 24th (10am to 10pm).
The full lineup hasn't been announced yet, but known bands include Guided By Voices, The Tyde, The Warhols of course and.... Brian Jonestown Massacre. So, come join the fun and see if sparks fly over the I Am Sound/Free debate.

June 26, 2003 - More U.S. Tour info;"Internet Tour"
MTV posted the following on their website:
The Dandy Warhols are hitting the road beginning August 24 at Los Angeles' annual Sunset Junction Street Fair, but in the meantime, the group is planning a more innovative tour. To promote the August 19 release of Welcome to the Monkey House, the group is a launching an Internet tour. The Warhols' Odditorium Web site a collection of short films and music will travel around to different Web sites, ranging from gaywired.com to virginmega.com, beginning July 1. ...
So, add in August 24th as a concert date in L.A., and reportedly the first one at that.

Now, as for the "internet tour," I am at a loss to explain what that is. If it is what it sounds like - taking the content that is currently up in the Odditorium and putting it on other sites for a while, it is a really bad idea, as the current content in the Odditorium is not good. Hopefully I can find out more information though.

June 25, 2003 - Possible Second Texas show?
Subpop Records has posted that the Warhols will be playing on September 20th in Austin, Texas with The Shins and The Turin Brakes. If you remember the June 12th update, you know that the Warhols have been tabbed as playing at the Austin City Limits festival, which runs Sept 19-21 (which as you can tell, covers the date of the Warhols show)... the exact date of that performance hasn't been said yet, so it might be the same show. But, some have said that it isn't part of the ACL fest... we'll see.

June 24, 2003 - Courtneys MOJO
Since I uploaded it for Dandysrule2 readers, I should mention here that I have added the MOJO article where Courtney talks about leaving the band after promotion is done for Monkey House. For the record, no I do no think this will happen at all. It is just Courtney being Courtney.

June 23, 2003 - Charts, Pt. 2
Australia weekly charts: We Used To Be Friends = out of top 50
Welcome To The Monkey House = 20th (down 11 spots from last week)

Bring on The Last High!!

June 23, 2003 - Second Round Of Bowie Dates
Well, the official site finally confirmed that The Dandy Warhols will be opening up for David Bowie on the European leg of his tour... And, there are new dates added. Here is the latest list of European dates. The complete list is in the Upcoming Concerts page.:

10/16/03 Hamburg, Germany COLORLINE ARENA
10/18/03 Frankfurt, Germany FESTHALLE-MESSE
10/20/03 Paris, France PALAIS OMNISPORTS
10/24/03 Zurich, Switzlerland HALLENSTADION
10/26/03 Stuttgart, Germany SCHLEYERHALLE
10/27/03 Munich, Germany OLYMPIAHALLE
10/29/03 Austria, Vienna STADTHALLE
10/31/03 Koln, Germany ARENA
11/01/03 Hannover, Germany PREAUSSAG ARENA
11/03/03 Berlin, Germany MAX SCHMELLING
11/05/03 Antwerp, Belgium SPORTSPALEIS ANTWERPEN
11/07/03 Lille, France ZENITH ARENA
11/08/03 Amneville, France GALAXIE
11/10/03 Nice, France NIKAIA (ZENITH)
11/12/03 Toulouse, France LE ZENITH DE TOULOUSE
11/15/03 Lyon, France HALLE TONY GARNIER
11/14/03 Marseille, France LE DOME DE MARSEILLE

Tickets for almost all of these shows go on sale this friday.

Also, second shows have been added on November 20th in Birmingham and November 26th in London, due to sellouts on the first shows. The full list of currently sold out shows is:

11/17/03 Manchester, UK 11/19/03 Birmingham, UK 11/22/03 Dublin, Ireland 11/25/03 London, UK
June 23, 2003 - Charts, pt. 1
The Dandy Warhols don't appear on either of the U.K. charts for the week, with both Welcome To The Monkey House and We Used To Be Friends dropping out of the top 100.

Australia charts should be available later today or tomorrow.

June 20, 2003 - Warhols' 9th Anniversary
If you saw the banner on the front page, you know that today is the 9th anniversary of the Dandy Warhols, in a way.

On June 20, 1994, Zia McCabe joined the band for her first show, and at that point, the core members of the band were all in place (Brent DeBoer replaced Eric Hedford 4 years later). So, while some might choose another day as being their anniversary, until anyone says otherwise, Slabtown will be observing it on June 20th.

June 19, 2003 - Singles in U.S.
Remember a few weeks back when I said that We Used To Be Friends was listed for available for airplay in the U.S. starting June 23rd, but I said that seemed weird, considering that the first single was going to now be The Last High? Well, on the eve (sorta) of it becoming available (this monday), it is now off of that list, and the band has no singles listed for airplay at this time.

On a maybe/maybe not related thing, Gothman over at the official site has said that The Last High will be released July 28th now. He actually posted this on June 12th, but I didn't mention it before because I wasn't sure if he means U.S. or international release. But in further thought, it could be both. As I mapped out before, there is a strong possibility that The Last High will be release worldwide at once. We'll see.

June 19, 2003 - Buy Bowie/Warhols in Milan
Marquis sent me a link to order tickets to the David Bowie tour stop in Assago, Milan on October 23rd. The go on sale on June 20th (tomorrow). Go to http://www.ticketone.it/jumpNews.asp?idChannel=411&idLang=IT&idUser=0&idNews=10301 for info.

June 18, 2003 - Bowie & DW in NA?
Gary Wade, on Dandysrule2, pointed out that dotmusic.com said in an article on monday that the Warhols would be opening for Bowie on his North American leg of his upcoming tour. No info about this beyond that right now.

Also, I got a very cool interview sent to me which I will be posting as soon as I can. The most notable fact about it is that Peter says that the Black Album will be released in January. (P.S. don't expect this to happen, as the band is notorious for having albums delayed by years. Monkey House was supposed to be out in late 2001 or so.)

June 17, 2003 - New compilation CD appearance
I haven't made the pages for it yet, but I did get some new information about a new compilation coming out that features Sleep, by The Dandy Warhols. It is called Acoustic Chill 2, and will be released by Chris Coco on Distinctive Records, with a release date of August 4th. I put up a copy of the press release for the album, that I was sent, so to see what else is on the album, and ordering info, read the press release.

June 15, 2003 - Mojo
Since I have gotten multiple emails on this subject recently, I figured it was time to address it...

In an article in MOJO Magazine, Courtney was quited as saying that as soon as the promotional end of the new album was, he would be leaving the band... of course, this would have the effect of firing people in the big picture.

Anyway, from what I have heard, don't take the Mojo comment as gospel.

June 15, 2003 - Charts
Weekly charts
Welcome To The Monkey House:
U.K. - 99 (-40 spots from last week)
Australia - 9 (-4 spots from last week)

We Used To Be Friends:
Australia - 45 (debut)

June 15, 2003 - Dandy Warhols opening for David Bowie, vol. 3
Just got word from someone very deep inside Bowies camp that DW is opening for him. If I'm awake, will update in 8 hours and 15 minutes when the press release comes out and there is a chat about it on bowies official site.

June 14, 2003 - Dandy Warhols opening for David Bowie, vol. 2
First off, note that some are saying this whole story is bullshit, but I'm still hearing it is happening, though I am doing more research. But, just know that I could be very wrong on all this.

A lot of information is expected in a press release that is going to be released Monday morning at 8am GMT, so I will try to verify and clarify the info asap after that as I can, but I have seen the press release (or at least a rough draft of it) and do have some more details of what will be announced. Would have updated last night, but had to work. But never fear, as I got laid off less than an hour ago!

David Bowie will be doing a 5 month, 17 country world tour, starting October 7th in Copenhagen. The first 30 dates are all in Europe, in arenas, and "reportedly" the Dandy Warhols will be opening these shows. I was told some of the dates (including the first ones) are:
October 7 - Copenhagen Forum
October 8 - Stokholm Globe
October 10 - Helsinki Hartwall
October 12 - Oslo Spectrum
October 15 - Rotterdam Ahoy
October 23 - Milan FilaForum
November 17 - Manchester MEN
November 19 - Birmingham NEC
November 22 - Dublin The Point
November 25 - London Wembly (Slabtown.net note: DAMN! That is huge!)

Lots of holes, which will get filled of course. Tickets go on sale to the general public on Friday the 20th.

As for other details of the tour, presumably without the Warhols: Bowie is expected to start in the U.S. on December 4th and the tour will hit Australia (first time down there in over a decade), Japan and South America.

Gotta cruise. More details later (got a few other notes, but nothing significant).

June 13, 2003 - Dandy Warhols opening for David Bowie.
Am still getting information on this, so will update with more details when I get them. But I wanted to post what I know so far. All is speculative until otherwise said or until Monday...

David Bowie is starting a large arena tour starting October 7th in Copenhagen, and The Dandy Warhols are expected to be announced as the opening act for the European leg of this tour. This is apparently going to be announced Monday. Tickets for the Copenhagen show go on sale a week from today (June 20th).

June 13, 2003 - Norway Strikes Back
Well, of course I would get information wrong with yesterdays chart update. But, at least when I was corrected by someone, it supplied me with new info I didn't have before.

Welcome To The Monkey House debuted on the Norwegian charts at #3 and in it's second week, it is still holding on at #5.

Thanks to Stian for making me look like a fool. But like I said, when it gets me info I didn't have before, I don't mind.

June 12, 2003 - Australia Love The Warhols - STILL!
While some have said that the album sales in the U.K. have been a disappointment overall for Welcome To The Monkey House, the band didn't have any problem with first week sales in Australia, where the band debuted at #5 on the charts.

Coming in at #5, there are a few other notable facts about it's appearance this week: This was the highest chart position for the week for any new release, and one of only 2 top-10 albums released this week. The other band who debuted in the top 10 this week was Led Zeppelin; Also, this is by far the highest chart position ever for The Dandy Warhols in Australia, since 13 Tales topped out at #25. This speaks very well for the chances the band has for going at least gold and having a chance at platinum, considering that former album did go gold as well. And finally, this is the highest The Dandy Warhols have ever charted anywhere in the world for an album, by far, with that #25 in Australia being their formerly highest-ranked position (13 Tales topped out at #32 in the U.K.).

Thanks to Dave for reminding me about the charts. I looked at the charts a few weeks ago for the single, but didn't see it on it, and then totally blanked out on checking for the album because of the changes in the release date. Anyway, thanks Dave.

June 12, 2003 - First U.S. show in over a year...
The Dandy Warhols are being promoted as performing at the Austin City Limits Music Festival that runs from Sept 19-21st at Zilker Park in Austin, Texas. Tickets are for sale right now on their website.

Bravo to Omz on Dandysrule2 for noticing this. I would say that I knew about it weeks ago, but that would be a HUGE lie.

June 12, 2003 - New DVD featuring WUTBF
A new DVD, named "Blow-UP!", was released on June 10th to independent music stores in the U.S., and it includes the video for We Used To Be Friends. I'm supposed to get a copy in a few days, but until then, here are some pics of the front and back covers:

June 11, 2003 - Promo cover for The Last High
Here is the cover for the promo version of You Were The Last High. Expect the artwork to change for the final release, especially since no b-sides are even on this copy yet.

June 10, 2003 - U.S. airplay date for WUTBF
While The Last High is still slated to be the first single from the new album in the U.S., as far as I know, We Used To Be Friends has now been listed as being available for airplay in the U.S. on June 23-24.

June 8, 2003 - Photos and a shitty recording from Pinkpop
The band played at the Pinkpop festival today, and I was able to get some OK pictures and a shitty recording of half of their performance.

The photos are at http://www.slabtown.net/photos/concerts/pinkpop03/pinkpop03.html and the audio recording is at http://www.slabtown.net/audio/pinkpop/pinkpop03.mp3. Warning, the file is 26MB in size, and as I said, it is a really bad recording, so if you don't want to download it, you aren't missing anything. The tracks included on the recording are 2/3 of Holiday, Last Junkie, Good Morning, Country Leaver and Loose.

Update: Just saw the weekly U.K. charts and Monkey House dropped another 22 places, to #59.

June 6, 2003 - TLH;Roxy show
Lifted straight from NME.com:
"THE DANDY WARHOLS have announced details of a new single.
'You Were The Last High', the second single to be lifted from new album 'Welcome To The Monkey House', will be released on July 28, following their appearance supporting Roxy Music in London Hyde Park (July 16).
The song, the follow-up to 'We Used To Be Friends', was co-written with Evan Dando. B-sides for the track will be confirmed in the coming days."
Of course, if you have been paying attention to Slabtown, this was known long ago. As for the release date of July 28th, that is a week later than what was initially reported, so not sure which one is right. One thing to point out is that since The Last High will be the first U.S. single, and the U.S. album comes out on August 19th, the release dates for The Last High will be very close to each other in both countries, so there is the possibility of it coming out in both places simultaneously.

As the article also pointed out, the band will be playing at London Hyde Park on July 16, in support of Roxy Music. This is the first I have heard about this, so no other info at this time.

June 5, 2003 - Charts;email
I forgot to post the weeks charts. Well, chart. We Used To Be Friends has dropped out of the top 100 in the U.K. this week, while Welcome To The Monkey House dropped 17 places to #37.

Also, if anyone emailed me June 4th, with a subject line that said something like "concert reviews," and the account name started with an S, can you resend it? I accidently erased it without reading it.

June 3, 2003 - Site Fixed.
But I'm really behind.... and rather than update last night, I drank. Here are a few things though:

To continue my rep of being a drunk (it isn't really true), I was at a bar in Portland earlier this week, and over beers, I found out from someone that the first U.S. single will be You Were The Last High, and not We Used To Be Friends, as elsewhere in the world. I have no indication if this is a result of the poor performance of UTBF in Europe or not. Regardless, it is a sure thing. My source, alcohol involved or not, guaranteed it, and casually talking to a few other sources, I was assured that this was final.

Again, I am sorry for not keeping the concert stuff up to date. It is an embarassment.

Speaking of not-great-things... Every report I have heard from the band appearing at festivals has been shitty. The crowd hasn't been into them ( whether because it's been 3 years since any track other than Boho matterd, or if because they just aren't pulling off their new tracks that well), but I was able to view a 3 minute bootleg recording from one of the German shows and it was obvious that both the band and crowd wasn't into it.

June 3, 2003 - Site Problems
This might be more of a "site update" issue, but figured I'd mention it here. I'm currently having problems with my FTP, so I can't update the site right now (well, I can, as I'm showing now, but the method I'm using is very much a pain in the ass). As soon as I can update, I will.