Dandy Warhols News and Rumors Archive - July 2003

July 31, 2003 - Second SF show
Remember long ago when I mentioned that the band would be doing 2 SF shows? Well, scroll down to July 9th if you want to read it again... Anyway, not sure if it is the same show or not, but currently the band looks to be playing a show on August 21st at someplace called Popscene... will look for more info later on it.

July 31, 2003 - Reminder on JJJ apearance
Just a quick reminder that today the Dandy Warhols are going to be on Australian radio station JJJ (Triple J). It will be broadcast sometime between 6-9am, though presumed to be around 8:40 or so. If I did my math right, this would be 1pm and 4pm U.S. West Coast time (4-7pm east coast, 9pm to midnight London). You can listen to it by going to http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/ and clicking on Listen, which is pretty much right in the middle of the screen.

You might want to double-check the times though, since I sometimes screw up the time zone differences.

July 30, 2003 - Australia charts
Forgot to mention that The Dandy Warhols are not in either top 50 chart for Australia this week.

July 30, 2003 - UK Midweek Chart
For the midweek chart position in the UK for You Were The Last High, the single is at #29 with 936 copies sold. Not too great, especially considering that there are two singles, and many buy both versions.

July 28, 2003 - channelZ gig; TLH singles; German radio gig;
Before I get to the info about the TLH singles, which came out today, gonna cover a few other things quickly.

The NZ gig that was done last night in Auckland on Channel Z radio will be rebroadcast on Monday, August 4th at 9am Auckland time. Go to the Channel Z homepage for more info. Songs played during the acoustic broadcast include songs by Paul Simon (probably I Am A Rock), The Beatles (Probably 8 Days A Week), Bruce Springsteen and Cindy Lauper (Probably the Girls Just Want To Have Fun/I'm On Fire combo), along with some DW songs... including Junkie. Photos from the recordings are at http://www.channelz.co.nz/default.cfm?pageID=55.

I forgot to mention that the band did a small show in Germany a while ago, and it will be on radio on August 5 at 11pm Germany time, at http://www.einslive.de/allgemein/stream/einslive.smil. There are pics from the gig at eins homepage.

The singles for You Were The Last High are now out and here are what they contain:

1. You Were The Last High
2. We Used To Be Friends (Coates & Stiles Mix).... expect this to be the "rock/guitar version" of the song.
3. Every Day Should Be A Holiday (Tony Lash Mix)

1. You Were The Last High
2. Sun
3. Dye

7" Vinyl:
1. You Were The Last High
2. We Used To Be Friends (Kenn Richards Mix)

Add another notch into bullshit spouted on the official site, at least for now.

Also, apparently, the single for You Were The Last High that is on 7" includes a chopped version of the single, which is pretty bad I hear.

July 27, 2003 - secret NZ gig
Apparently the band is in Auckland, New Zeland right now, preparing to do a secret gig. No info on location or time or anything like that. Courtney mentioned it on an interview on 95bfm apparently. Looking for more info.

There was miscommuniation in regards to what is happening. The band is actally performing an acoustic set at another radio station in Auckland. And, thanks to the quick work of Adam and Megan, it appears that it is going to be on Channel Z, which has listed on their front page "Coming Soon: The Coleman Sessions: The Dandy Warhols." More info when it comes along.

Also a big thanks to the initial radio station, 95bfm, who promptly replied back to me when I wrote to ask them for more info about the show intially.

July 25, 2003 - More shows added to Europe;dye
Busy day.

Four new European shows have been added when the band is over there with Bowie... but they aren't with Bowie.

October 13: Holland - Tilburg
October 25: Vevey, Switzerland - The Rocking Chair
November 18: Liverpool - Liverpool University
November 25: Dublin, Ireland - The Ambassador

Ticket information forthcoming

Barring a MAJOR surprise or change, it has been confirmed that the Dandy Warhols will 100% definitely be playing at Australias Big Day Out festival in January.

Add this to the category of "probably will be asked to take it down soon" but here is a copy of a certain song called dye:


This song REALLY needs to be released. It's great.

July 25, 2003 - Official site ticket giveaway
Well, as Sean updates, I'm also updating... He keeps posting new info as fast as I can steal it!

The band is giving out two sets of tickets to the Australia shows (one set per show), but there is a small catch: you have to make artwork for Gothman to judge:
"The winners, get this, draw or Photoshop their best rendition of The Dandy Warhols getting saved from certain death by either a crazed dingo, a evil giant bong, or George Lucas."

More information, including where to send your entries into, are in the news section on the Official Site.

July 25, 2003 - TLH b-sides questionable
Sean at The Official Site posted the following about the release of the single for You Were The Last High:
Hey, our next single, "You Were The Last High" will be released for worldwide human consumption this coming Monday (July 28). As is the custom, there will be a two disc CD single. Yeah. The first one features"Last High", followed a remix of "We Used To Be Friends" by Brian Coates and Clark Stiles, and finally, Tony Lash's remix of "Every Day Should Be A Holiday", which is like the perfect song for a debaucherous summer. (Is "debaucherous" even a word?) The second disc of the set has yet another version of "We Used To Be Friends", followed by "Jim", a song we found in a box in our closet, and a special live version of "Good Morning" recorded at the legendary KCRW studios. If you rue the day that CDs were invented, you may wish to pick up the limited edition 7" single, which features "Last High" and one more version of "We Used To be Friends", this one a remix by Kenn Richards. Whew! God damn, that's a lot of music for a single.
There are quite a few changes from what I had listed here a few days before. So, to make comparisons easier, I'll list the "new" line-up in the same fashion as the old one:
1. You Were The Last High
2. We Used To Be Friends (another mix of some sort)
3. Jim
4. Good Morning - Live at KCRW

1. You Were The Last High
2. We Used To Be Friends (Coates & Stiles Mix).... expect this to be the "rock/guitar version" of the song.
3. Every Day Should Be A Holiday (Tony Lash Mix)

7" Vinyl:
1. You Were The Last High
2. We Used To Be Friends (Kenn Richards Mix)

Now, I don't know which one to believe... bah humbug and all that crap. But it is to be released worldwide on Monday, so we'll see then I suppose.

July 25, 2003 - XFM show a dud
So far, I've got accounts of 4 people that were at the XFM show at the Ocean last night and 3/4 of them were not happy campers, though to be fair to the band, this had mostly to do with people in the audience. One of the biggest problems was that it was switched to the Ocean1 venue instead of the Ocean2, so it was not as intimate as people/the band thought it would have been. Add to the fact that Courtney was very wasted...

I'll probably have reviews up later, but it is always frustrating to write up pages for shows like that, so not sure when I'll get to it.

July 24, 2003 - The Last High cover
Got a small version of the cover for the You Were The Last High single:

I'll try to find a bigger copy, but that will have to do for now.

July 24, 2003 - XFM; XFM; "Welcome To College"; album covers coming
On the eve of their XFM show at Ocean2 tonight, Brent and Courtney appeared on the Zoe Ball show this afternoon. Unfortunately, while I was told about it the day before it happened in an email, I didn't bother to read that email until 20 minutes before the show ended, and didn't hear them on the show. But, the ever resourceful Peter Allison heard it and reported that they played acoustic versions of "The Last High" and "Used To Be Friends". Sorry I didn't get it posted for others to hear.

On a related note, the XFM show tonight looks like it won't be aired on the internet, as I hoped/assumed. I will keep checking later today to see if it does appear, but the stations schedule doesn't show it as even happening. Regardless though, at least 2 people from Dandysrule2 will be at it, so some sort of report will come in.

Another thing that I kept forgetting to post is that in the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine, in the charts section, the "Welcome To The COllege EP" is #9 on the college album charts, as released by College Music Journal (CMJ). I didn't even know it was for sale... just figured it was a promo only. Anyway...

That seques into the final comment for now. My promise to you is that by the end of August, I will have put all the DW albums pictures I can on my site. I would have a closer date as a goal, but I had to have it realistic. :)

I still feel like I'm forgetting something.

July 22, 2003 - Album Reviews; Conan; Ticket pre-sales
I got a copy of the ROlling Stone review of Monkey House, and it is really quite vicious... That review, along with 3 others, are all listed on the Site Updates page. I have to give a big thanks to Lisa, since she sent me the two Australia ones over a month ago, and I never got around to posting them. I'm not a good webmaster lately.

Another appearance I apparently forgot to mention was that the Warhols will be on the Conan O'Brian show in the U.S. on August 15th. Later I will go back and make sure that was the only appearance I forgot to mention.

A lot of the U.S. shows that had presales listed for them are no longer available apparently. On the site that you buy the tickets from, the only shows still listed are:
August 28 - Portland
Sept 6 - Chicago
Sept 9 - Montreal
Sept 10 - Boston
Sept 12 - Washington, D.C.
Sept 13 - Philadelphia
Sept 17 - Atlanta
Sept 21 - Dallas

Some shows are now for sale at ticketmaster though... and it might mean other tickets are available for regular purchases as well. Ticketmaster shows:
Sept 4 - Minneapolis
Sept 19 - Houston

Some other shows are listed as going on sale within the next week:
Sept 13 - Philadelphia
Sept 17 - Atlanta

No word if the other shows are sold out, or if they just aren't available for presale anymore... or if they might show up for presale again before the show.

July 17, 2003 - U.S. tickets on sale tomorrow.
you will be able to pre-purchase them before they go on sale to the public, if you buy them through dandywarhols.com...

The following tickets go on sale Friday, July 18th at 9am Pacific/noon Eastern time zone:

August 26, 2003 San Francisco, California - $17.50/ticket
August 28, 2003 Portland, Oregon - Roseland Theatre - $15/ticket
September 2, 2003 Boulder, Colorado - Fox Theatre - $14/ticket
September 4, 2003 Minneapolis, Minnesota - First Avenue - $12/ticket
September 6, 2003 Chicago, Illinois - The Metro - $15/ticket
September 8, 2003 Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Opera House - $20/ticket
September 9, 2003 Montreal, Quebec, Canada - Le Spectrum de Montreal - $20/ticket
September 10, 2003 Boston, Massachuttes - Paradise Rock Club - $15/ticket
September 12, 2003 Washington, D.C. - 9:30 Club - $15/ticket
September 13, 2003 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Trocadero - $15/ticket
September 14, 2003 New York City, New York - Bowery Ballroom
September 15, 2003 New York City, New York - Bowery Ballroom
September 17, 2003 Atlanta, Georgia - The Cotton club - $15/ticket
September 19, 2003 Houston, Texas - Engine Room - $15/ticket
September 21, 2003 Dallas, Texas - Gypsy Tea Room - $15/ticket
September 25, 2003 Los Angeles, California - Henry Fonda Theater

Limit of 4 tickets per person.

The website for actually purchasing them is at www.dandywarhols.musictoday.com.

July 17, 2003 - The Last High on a comp.
If you subscribe to something called FiLM CLUB, you can get a free copy of "Landmark Music," a compilation being released by Landmark Theaters.
Ordering information and a full track listing can be found at http://www.landmarktheatres.com/Music/CD.html. Yeah, I know that the track listing has the song titled as "That Was The Last High"... no word if the title has been changed (doubt it) or it is a typo on the site (probably).

July 17, 2003 - Aussie charts
Yeah, yeah, yeah. So they are 3 days late. On the latest Australian album charts, Welcome To the Monkey House dropped 7 spots to #42.

July 15, 2003 - Courtneys Birthday;XFM contest
So, I planned on putting up a banner on the 13th to celebrate that it was Courtneys 36th birthday, but man, I ended up sleeping through half the day, literally... and just didn't get around to it. Anyway, it was his birthday. Tell him happy birthday when you see him.

As mentioned before, XFM tickets will be given away by the station, and the first contest for them has been announced, as mentioned by Peter A. on Dandysrule2. Anyway, go to the contest homepage at http://www.xfm.co.uk/webClient?guid=58359 and fill in the blanks. And before you ask me about the answer to the question you have to answer for the contest, no I don't know if they want Courtney Taylor-Taylor or Courtney Taylor. But being as how they aren't obsessive like me, they probably are looking for Taylor-Taylor.

July 12, 2003 - The Last High B-Sides; Australia
Long ago, I was told that odds were that the B-Sides for The Last High (I still can't get used to calling it "You Were The Last High"... fuck that pretentious, long name) as being just live recordings... well, K.Andy, the dandysrule2 listmiester, had to prove me wrong. And this is a good thing. Look for brand new tracks. Here is the breakdown:

1. You Were The Last High
2. Sun
3. Dye

1. You Were The Last High
2. We Used To Be Friends (Coates & Stiles Mix).... expect this to be the "rock/guitar version" of the song.
3. Every Day Should Be A Holiday (Kenn Richards Mix)

7" Vinyl:
1. You Were The Last High
2. Every Day Should Be A Holiday (Kenn Richards Mix)

Will look to verify this, but I am pretty sure these will end up being the case. Pages for Sun and Dye will be made when confirmation happens.

Another group of info I thought I posted, but apparently not. Taken from the Official site, here is the band's current complete line-up for Australia:

July 30th - DW will be performing on Triple J radio. should be live on internet also.
July 31st - Metro show
August 1st - DW will be performing on Channel V in Australia.
August 3rd - Melbourne show
August 4th - Acoustic set on Nova 100. Should be live on internet also.
Also August 4th - another acoustic performance on Triple M radio. Also on the internet.
August 6th - The Panel TV show. Not sure what they are scheduled to do on it.

Expect more announcements as well.
July 11, 2003 - australia sold out; XFM; SF; new song pages
Both shows in Australia sold out already, with the Melbourne show reportedly selling out in 10 minutes. It is very, very likely that more shows will be added, but none have been announced yet.

The XFM show on July 24th is actually taking place in Ocean2, which is in the same building as Ocean, but it only seats about 200 people. All tickets will be given away by the radio station, as the band itself doesn't even have a guest list for the show.

The Fillmore show in San Francisco is listed by a couple places as being on sale right now, but no one has been able to actually find anyplace that is selling them. Ticketmaster does The Fillmores ticket sales, and they don't list them for sale yet. My speculation is that they might be for sale at The Fillmore's box office.

I know I said I would have pages up for Cracker and Jim yesterday, but I laid down early and slept my increasingly fat ass off. Guess I needed the sleep. Anyway, rather than put another timeframe on it, know that they are coming. I have put the songs on a minidisc, so I can listen to it on headphones throughout the day to figure out the lyrics. When I have the lyrics done, the pages will go up.

I'm forgetting something, but I'm not sure what. So another update wouldn't be unexpected.

July 10, 2003 - I erred in last post
The Boston show doesn't go on sale until the 26th. The shows that go on sale tomorrow (Friday the 11th) are the two announced Australia shows. To get tickets for them:
July 31st - Sydney: ticket info at http://www.metrotheatre.com.au/Musical_Performances_&_Ticket_Purchases/_July/The_Dandy_Warhols
August 3rd - Melbourne: http://www.ticketmaster.com.au/search/search.asp?type=EVENT&search=dandy+warhols

July 10, 2003 - more tour dates, including 2 in Canada; two new dw songs in the Odditorium
In the Odditorium, there are two new tracks from the Warhols - Cracker & Jim. There are frequent link problems to them (Sean accidently added one extra "melodeon" to the links), so to help you out a bit, here are two other options than fighting your way through the error pages:
Access the streaming feed of the track directly - http://www.theodditorium.com/melodeon/cracker.htm
Download an mp3 of the track - http://www.slabtown.net/audio/dandy_warhols-Cracker.mp3

Access the streaming feed of the track directly - http://www.theodditorium.com/melodeon/jim.htm
Download an mp3 of the track - http://www.slabtown.net/audio/dandy_warhols-Jim.mp3

A note about the downloads: Expect them to be pulled relatively soon, since I'm always asked to pull them by the band when I post tracks. But, regardless of slabtown.net having them, they will be available for free in The Odditorium, along with 10 or so other tracks.

Now back to concerts. New shows first:
August 26 - San Francisco @ the Fillmore (no word if the other San Fran show, at the 330 RItch, is still happening)
The September 8 show that was said to be in Newcastle, U.K. (which nevermade sense to me) is apparently in Toronto, Yeah, it is kinda hard to screw up by a whole continent.... still at the Opera House...
September 9 - Montreal, Quebec @ Le Spectrum
September 21 - Dallas, Texas @ Gypsy Tea Room

Note that the first two Canada dates are listed in that group.

The following shows are currently for sale:
August 30 - seattle (bumbershoot)
Sept 2 - Boulder, Colorado
Sept 24 - San Diego (no word if the second S.D. show is going on still. I doubt it)

Since I'm lazy today, go to the official site for links to where to buy tickets for each of those shows. Note though that some other shows say "buy tickets," but those are for shows that aren't for sale yet through the links given.

July 9, 2003 - Boston tix;concert info;internet tour
So far, no place has been selling tickets for any of the U.S. shows yet, though tickets for the Boston show have been announced as going on sale July 26th at 10am (cost is $15)... When I do hear of others starting to go on sale, I'll mention them.

Another rumored show in London will be on July 24th at The Ocean in Hackney... XFM appears to be the sponser and tickets will be given out by the station.

While it hasn't been announced yet, look for the Warhols to be playing in San Francisco in August at a small venue called 330 Ritch.

The Melbourne show on August 3rd has been confirmed and tickets go on sale friday.

The Odditorium internet tour has started and here is the lineup:
July 1 -7 : suicidegirls.com
July 8 -14: ugo.com
July 15-21: reunion
July 22-28: lucire
July 29-August 4: Liquid Generation
August 5-11: Windows Media
August 12-18: gaywired.com
August 19-25: Virgin Megastore
August 26-September 1: Bust
September 2-8: Devil In The Woods

You can get into the Odditorium without the CD for the time being, but you will have to go to whatever site is the "host" for the week. For the sites I didn't list actual addresses for (which is most of them), to find out where the entrance is, go to http://enter.theodditorium.com and it will link to the site.

July 8, 2003 - Oz charts
Sorry I forgot to update last week's Australian charts...

Last weeks chart for Monkey House: 29
This weeks chart for Monkey House: 35

I will check the U.K. charts later, but doubt the Warhols will be in either of them. Will post if I'm wrong.

July 6, 2003 - Even more U.S. dates
When I went to the Official Site to check on the shows I talked about on July 3rd, I noticed more concerts added:
September 2 - Boulder Colorado @ Fox Theatre
September 4 - Minneapolis, Minnesota @ First Avenue
September 8 - Newcastle, U.K. @ The Opera House (looking for details on this show, since it seems a bit odd to have.
September 12 - Washington, D.C. @ 9:30 Club
September 17 - Atlanta, Georgia @ The Cotton Club
September 19 - Houston, Texas @ The Engine Room
September 26 - San Diego, California @ 4th And B Theatre (same venue as two nights earlier)

Two more Bowie shows have been added:
November 23 - Dublin, Ireland ... is a second Dublin show, and both are sold out.
November 28 - Glasgow, Scotland - SECC

The doubling of shows I announced on July 3rd were actually a misprint on the official site.

Two Australian shows have been mentioned:
July 31 - Sydney, Australia @ The Metro
August 3 - Melbourne, Australia @ Hi-Fi Bar And Ballroom

Even opens for both those shows.

All shows have been added to the upcoming concerts page.

July 3, 2003 - More U.S. dates
Sorry for the lack of updates. I got the following a couple days ago, and now I also notice it is on the official site, so consider it confirmed. Also, since I hadn't checked, it appears that there are a lot more Bowie shows to add to the list.

August 14, Williamsburg New York at the Warsaw
August 28, Portland Oregon at Roseland
August 30, Seattle Washington at Bumbershoot
September 6, Chicago, Illinois at the Metro
September 10, Boston, Massachusetts at Paradise Rock Club
September 24, San Diego, California at 4th and B Theatre
September 25, L.A. at Henry Fonda Theater

I'll add the Bowie shows later, along with an Australian date announced on Dandysrule2.

July 1, 2003 - Sunset Junction/Silverlake info 2; Roxy Music show
Short but sweet:

The schedule for the Sunset Junction show has been released. The Warhols go on Sunday August 24 at 8:15. This is the headlining slot, but the festival has to be done by 10pm. BJM is on the same stage on the same day at 6:15.

According to the official site, the July 18th Roxy Music show/appearance has been cancelled.