Dandy Warhols News and Rumors Archive - July 2002

July 24, 2002 - New shirt
Over on the official page, there is a new shirt for sale. Says "Pot Magnet" on the front and has all the dates of their European tour on the back. It's in the merchandise section.

July 19, 2002 - Courtney "Side-project"
Quiet on the Dandy front lately, but carbenv on the Dandysrule2 mailing list had a quick note:
"I was talking to Scott from Betty Already last week(when they played here) and he told me that courtney is slated to produce a few tracks on their new album."

July 14, 2002 - Happy Birthday Courtney
Today is Courtney Taylors birthday.

July 10, 2002 - venue changes in Spain
I was poking around at dandywarhols.com and I noticed that the two Spain shows on the current tour have had their venues changed. The July 10th show is now at Sala Arena and the July 11th show is at Bikini.

July 8, 2002 - updated U.K. album charts
I forgot to mention this last week, in the middle of all the post-Glasto/Meltdown talk, but on the June 30th U.K. top 100 album charts, 13 Tales From Urban Bohemia re-entered at #55, and followed it up this week by dropping to #69.

July 3, 2002 - Meltdown pictures;Platinum in Ireland
Dandywarhols.com has announced that 13 Tales From Urban Bohemia has gone platinum in Ireland. This is the bands first-ever platinum record anyplace in the world and comes only 5 months after they went gold there. Congratulations to the band.

I got 4 pictures of the band playing with Bowie at Meltdown. Since the pictures are actually focusing on Bowie, the band is in the background and blurry. Zia is obviously the femme in the white dress, and in a few of the other pictures, you can see Brents 'fro. None of the pictures contain Peter, and debate continues in trying to decide if the guy in the blue shirt is Courtney. If so, he isn't using any of his regular guitars. Also added links to the pictures on the Meltdown page.

July 2, 2002 - dw.com bullshit;tour change
Quick update until I do the real updates later today.

First off, Dandywarhols.com is saying that the Rockwave Festival that was to be in Greece on the 2nd has been cancelled due to the concert promoter not having the needed permits. So, the band is now playing with The Cure in Athens on July 3rd. I'll try to get more info later on this show.

secondly, if you go to dandywarhols.com right now, don't believe the bullshit in the news section. Sean posted this email from Jen, the bands tour manager.:
First, "Hey there. How are things with you? We are having an amazing tour. Blew everyone away at the Meltdown Festival! The band did a special set - played only three songs - Be In, Mohammad, and Rave Up - a 1 hour set. They just jammed and it was a truly beautiful and powerful experience. They played an encore with David Bowie - "White Light, White Heat" - and the crowd loved it. One of those things nobody will ever forget. I still have chills! I know Coates is planning to give you his version - he's keeping a journal. And I'm sure he'll email stuff to you when he has a chance. The whole band have asked him to do this, so.... He also has tons of pictures he's taking on the digital camera. Evelyn also took photos at Meltdown which she's emailing to us."
Second, from Sean: "The annual Meltdown Festival, organized this year by non other than The Dandy Warhols 'biggest fan', David Bowie, was, by all accounts, a smashing success. The culmination of the show was a set by our very own Warhols, featuring an encore with The Thin White Duke himself. In front of a crowd which featured the likes of The Cure, Bono, and Brian Eno, Bowie and The Warhols stunned the crowd with a 'surprise' rendition of the Velvet Underground classic "White Light/White Heat"."...

If you have been following along with the days earlier updates or reading along at dandysrule2, you know that the show was not great. In fact, most consider it one of their worse shows ever. The Dandys have always been about being honest and the coverage on the official site is definitely not doing that with this coverage. Oh well.

July 1, 2002 - lack of slabtown updates
Hello, this is another one of those updates/news pieces that go in both site updates and news.

I had no internet connection at my house for the past 3 days, so I am way behind in updates. I will be updating the page in the next day or so with everything that has happened, most notably on the two biggest shows of the European festival trip the band is on, and how both appear to, well if not be disasters, then at least be sub-par. Be looking for those if you get a chance.