Dandy Warhols News and Rumors Archive - January 2004

January 28, 2004 - More Dig! Reviews
Got 4 more reviews for Dig! (without even looking for them yet), so put them up on a page. All of the aintitcoolnews.com ones are short, one paragraph reviews, but all positive. The best though is the Film Threat one, as it is word-for-word dead on.

Dig! Reviews

January 27, 2004 - More On 10 Year Anniversary Show;Dig! Gets Picked Up;Proof Of Final Nail In The DW/Capitols Coffin?
Got some more semi-reviews of the Melbourne show and will post them tomorrow, but some more information did come out. While talking with some people after the show, Zia mentioned that the band was taking 6 or so months off, and while saying the band is not breaking up, that Six months was a lifetime in rock'n'roll. It was also mentioned how cryptic it was that the band played The Last Time as an encore.

As for the DVD of the show, it will be released, pending the quality of the recording and show. No timeframe for it, but look for it in 2004 if it happens.

The Dandy Warhols/Brian Jonestown Massacre documentary, Dig!, got picked up by Palm Films and the Sundance Channel. No word on any commercial release of it at this time.

If you go to dandywarhols.com and into their community section, Gothman has posted, in regards to the messageboards ""THE NEW DANDY WARHOLS MESSAGE BOARD......is not set up yet. But it will be very soon. You can still go to the Capitol board if you like, but who knows how long until they shut us down, so you're on yor own." This does make it sound like there is some sort of finality coming, in regards to Capitol hosting their messageboards, which would lead to the assumption that the band is not with them anymore. It was long known that the band didn't want anything to do with Capitol anymore, but Courtney also told me in December that he had agreed to record one more record for the label. Of course, nothing was on paper and things could have (and apparently have) changed since then. So, while no exact answer, indications do appear that the band finally left Capitol.

If the boards do disappear, don't forget that slabtown has boards as well, though they are hardly used (evn I tend not to bother reading them except maybe once a month, just because no one uses them.

On all these topics, I'll try to find out more when the band comes back from Australia.

January 27, 2004 - Black Album;Come On Feel The Black Album;10 Year Anniversary
Big day in Dandyville.

On January 12th (though I swear it hasn't been there for that long), the official site posted in their news section:
Come On Feel The Black Album
Well, here's something kind of noteworthy. It's no secret that before we recorded ...Come Down, we had another "record" underway for Capitol. Some of those songs, like 'Boys Better', evolved into songs for ...Come Down , while others, like 'White Gold', became staple of our live sets, while still others have never been officially released in any form. Well, those songs have just been sitting here for eight years, so we decided that it's time for record, which the kids on the web started calling The Black Album, to finally become available.

Were that enough, though. In addition to the full Black Album, all shiny and remastered, there's a second full disc consisting assorted Warhols obscura that we are calling Come On Feel The Dandy Warhols. Hot damn.

The two disc set will go on sale within the next couple of months and will be sold only on dandywarhols.com. Stay tuned for details....

Pretty cool news, and it sounds like this is the b-side collection mentioned by Zia recently (See the January 17 news). It should be mentioned though that the band came up with the name "The Black Album," not people on the net.

If that wasn't enough, here is a show report from last night in Melbourne. Briefly:
Just got back from the melbourne show at the metro...


Apparently it was the 10th Anniversary of the Dandy's first show. The whole show was filmed, with 2 big cameras in the sound/lighting area, and 4 people roaming around/behind/above the stage with mobile DV cameras. At the end of the show Courtney said that the show was going to be released on DVD, and if it is...you're in for a massive treat.
Very cool stuff. I hadn't realized that their first show was this early in 1994. The earliest show I had ever heard of before was April 20th, 1994. Anyway will look for more info on this in the coming weeks.

Will post more about the show later, including full reports on the show.

January 25, 2004 - DW's Show Up On Triple J's Top 100 of 2003;Dig! Wins
Triple J radio in Australia released their top 100 singles of 2003, and the Dandy warhols were on it two times, with You Were The Last High at #32 and We Used To Be Friends at #13. Jet was # 1. No surprise. Look for the release of the top 100 albums of the year by the station soon.

The "documentary" Dig!, about the Dandy Warhols and Brian Jonestown Massacre won the best documentary award at Sundance. Congrats to Ondi Timoner, who produced, directed, edited and was one of the cinematographers for it. It was her film. She also has directed a couple Dandy Warhols videos.

January 20, 2004 - Download An Alternate Version of Plan A
Quick version - A while back, I got this copy of Plan A, but put it on a stack of stuff to get around to. I finally listened to it and realized it was not the same as the version of Welcome To The Monkey House. I sat on it a while, but have decided to let people download it.

You can download it either by going to http://www.slabtown.net/audio/plan_a-alt.html or just downloading http://www.slabtown.net/audio/plan_a-alt.mp3.

No word if this is from The Dandy Warhols Are sound, which I plan to write about sometime soon, as I realized I haven't talked about it yet on the site (but have discussed it a lot on Dandysrule2).

January 18, 2004 - Download Triple J Webcast.
Added an mp3 version of the Triple J webcast that happened yesterday/today in Australia, of a show from October 2000:

Go to http://www.slabtown.net/audio/corner_hotel.html for the link.

note: This is a large file, coming in at over 42mb in size. It will take a while to download.

January 17, 2004 - Webcast of 2000 Australian Show Sunday;2 new articles.
Computer problems fixed.

Got this a few days ago from Lisa (on Dandysrule2), but forgot to add it. Hope you catch this news in time to see it...

Triple J radio, down in Australia, will be playing the Dandy Warhols recorded live from The Corner Hotel in Melbourne from 2000. The report I got said the broadcast is to start around 5pm local time, but they will play the opening band (The Shins) first, so probably around 5:30 the Warhols will be on. Hopefully I'll be awake and able to record it, but we'll see. To listen on the internet, go to the stations homepage.

If I'm doing my math right, with time zone changes, that makes it being aired at Saturday @ 10pm in Portland (U.S. West Coast) and Sunday @ 7am in London (GMT). You might want to double-check my math though.

Usually I would just mention new articles in the Site Update page, but figured I would take the time to talk specifically about one I just added. In an interview with Beat Magazine, Zia was asked what the band is up to next, and she said: "We’ve got a b-sides album in the works, some stuff to do with Massive Attack, and a live DVD." I had heard rumors of the DVD, but am still hesitant to believe it will happen, and it is interesting to hear her mention the Massive Attack work again. Maybe it isn't as shelved as I was told it was last summer.

Anyway, the two new articles are:
Beat Magazine interview with Zia.
Time Off article and interview with Brent.

January 16, 2004 - Dig @ Sundance;More Website Problems
File this under "oops. I meant to mention this LONG ago"... at least, I don't think I mentioned it.

At the Sundance Film Festival in the U.S., the "documentary" Dig is going to be playing 5 times (all of which are sold out already), at:
Jan 16 at 9pm - Holiday Village Cinema III
Jan 17 at 1pm - Sundance Village
Jan 18 at 9:30am - Holiday Village Cinema IV
Jan 21 at 12:30pm - Holiday Village Cinema IV
Jan 23 at 2:30pm - Holiday Village Cinema II

For those that don't know, Dig is a movie that has been in development for 7 years now, and it follows the relationship between the Dandy Warhols and Brian Jonestown Massacre (more specifically Anton Newcombe), as the Warhols got famous and Anton got... jaded and crazier. It is narrated by Courtney. For a few years now, I've had the trailer for it, and while it seems interesting, I have doubts about the validity of it being a legit "documentary" as many scenes seemed forced and very much acting. Still, it is worth checking out. I'll post when I have more informaion on a way to see it outside of Sundance.

On a Non-Dandy note, once again I am having problems at home, this time with my internet connection. Because of this I haven't read my emails fora few days and I can't update the site from home. Hopefully I will get that straightened out this weekend. So, if you wrote and got no reply, that is why.

January 15, 2004 - 2 BDO's Sold Out
Two of the Big Day Out shows have sold out: Jan 18 at Gold Coast (fastest selling show in BDO history) and Jan 23 at Sydney.

January 9, 2004 - New Video
So, I was talking with someone about Mars and other odds and ends, and apparently the band recently shot a video for I Am A Scientist. No word on if this will be for another single or if this is just a video for a song they like... nor no word on the videos theme.

More Later.

January 7, 2004 - NDR/site-related reminder
Just wanted to remind people that if you do write in to Slabtown, please make it obvious from your subject line... and especially don't have no subject line. With so much spam out there, I sort my mail based on subject lines and delete anything that has no subject line or that has a subject line that doesn't intrest me.


January 5, 2004 - First Fest Gig Of The year?
Apparently at the Barrowlands show (November 29, 2003), the band announced that they will be playing at T In The Park this summer. Historically this show has been the second week of July, but I haven't checked if this years show has been announced yet.

I will add it to the upcoming concert page sometime down the line.

January 3, 2004 - CTT Remix of TOC Song
Pete on Dandysrule2 mentioned something that slipped under the radar...

If you go to The Out Crowds homepage, they have a remix of one of their songs in the MP3 section. The song is called "Reptile (Mohawk Mix)," which has long been a concert staple for the band and can be found at http://www.theoutcrowd.com/mp3.html.

For those that don't know, The Out Crowd is a fabulous band out of Portland, Oregon and are good friends with the Warhols... and Courtney has been slated to have a big part on their new album (Producer or Co-Producer sticks in my head), which comes out soon. While there, download other tracks from The Out Crowd. Unfortunately, they don't have The Gospel for download anymore, which is my personal favorite song the band has ever done. And, for trivia, for a while, until I got too far behind here, I had plans to open up a new section of Slabtown.net to be about them. I still hope to have it happen.