Dandy Warhols News and Rumors Archive - December 2003

December 30, 2003 - Sun Issues
A while ago I said that I added Sun but not Dry for various reasons (this was mentioned in the updates section). After looking around more, I haven't come to an exact conclusion yet, so I still don't know if I should be adding "Dry" or not.

The major problem actually comes because of some differences between the U.K. Version of The Last High Single and the AUstralian version of The Last High/Used To Be Friends double single. On the U.K. CD, the credits for sun read:
Written by B. Coates (Copyright Control). Produced by The Dandy Warhols
Recorded & Mixed by The Dandy Warhols in Portland, Oregon.

While the Australian version, which came out second, reads:
Written By Courtney Taylor-Taylor. Published by Dandy Warhols Music (BMI)

Now because Dye is very similar to the U.K. version of Sun in it's credits (all the same but written by B. Mellows), I don't know if this means that Courtney will end up with credit for Dye, and I'm not even sure if the band acttually performed it or not. They say "recorded by" the Warhols, but I am not clear if this means that they were behind the recording equipment or if they were behind the instruemnts.

So, the confusion will probably stick around until I clear it up. Until then, Dye won't be listed any more in depth than just saying it is on The Last High's U.K. single.

December 28, 2003 - Next Album Plans
I talked to Courtney last night and apparently the Capitol/Warhols companionship ain't as dead as everyone had thought, as Courtney has agreed to record another album W/ Capitol. No word on any timetable or anything like that and things might still change as well.

December 25, 2003 - Happy Holidays From Slabtown.Net, Pt. 2
I haven't listened to the full interview on BBC yet, but I did record it. More detail on what was said later. Until then, here is a copy of I Am Over It, as it was originally recorded before being remixed:

Not sure if I will be asked to remove it or not, but we'll see. Also, while I checked to make sure the link wasn't a dead one, I didn't try to download the song to see if it came up right. If there are problems, let me know.

December 24, 2003 - Happy Holidays From Slabtown.Net
While the last part of the year has sucked for this website, with the extended downtime this fall, it is still always a blast to run the site. And now is the time to give something back... no, it isn't anything that great, so don't be too excited. This gift is like fruitcake. Anyway, I've uploaded a song called Look At Me by The Beauty Stab. For those who don't know who The Beauty Stab is and haven't read the FAQ, it is (one of) the bands that Courtney was the drummer for before he started the Warhols. This one is him in full "buttrock" mode, as you can tell from this picture (Courtney is second from the right):

(or at http://www.slabtown.net/photos/people/courtney/beautystab.jpg if you want the address)

Anyway, the track is at http://www.slabtown.net/audio/lookatme.mp3.

December 22, 2003 - Hour Long X-Mas DW Special On The BBC
Gothman, on the official site, had a post in the news section about there being a special 1 hour show on Christmas Day about the Warhols' history, appropriately titled "A Brief History Of The Dandy Warhols."

The full text of the post:
Guess I should've mentioned this some time ago to be included on The Warhols news page but we have an hour long special on our radio show on Christmas Day (7.30pm GMT) with Brent and Courtney which is entitled 'A Brief History of.The Dandy Warhols'. The Show is called The Evening Sequence with Tom Robinson and the station (which is also online) is 6 Music (BBC). From the title of the feature you'll probably guess that it goes from the first version of the xmas single through Rules OK, The Black Album, .Come Down, Are Sound and Monkey House. It's an hour special on the actual show but as Courtney gave us plenty of chat in the end there's a full version which is over 30 minutes longer that I'll be putting online after the radio transmission. Hope that makes sense and that you have a top Christmas time of it adam
More information later, though that pretty much covers most of it.

December 6, 2003 - Monkey House Makes RS top 50 for 2003;More Shows in Oz
While a lot of people detest corporate music magazines, they can do the right thing sometimes. For example, they have named Welcome To The Monkey House one of the top 50 albums released in 2003. The following blurb was included with the listing (which was listed alphabetically and not ranked):

"The Dandy Warhols' previous two albums had genius singles, but their fourth is a continuously bouncy blast. Co-producer Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran spreads sonic mousse over the band's spiky guitars, thickening and detailing the arrangements and teasing out the hooks. Bonus: Appearances by Chic's Nile Rodgers, Simon LeBon and, um, Parker Posey."

Quickly, I wanted to add that three more shows have been added to the Warhols Big Day Out visit in Australia/New Zeland. As part of the Big Day Out festival itself, a second Sydney date has been added on January 24th. Additionally, the band will be playing two solo shows while down there. First is another Sydney gig on January 22nd at the Enmore Theater (tickets at www.ticketek.com.au, among other places), and another show in Melbourne, on January 27th at The Metro. As is often the case, Even will be opening this second show. The opening band hasn't been announced for the Enmore show. Tickets for Melborne are at ticketmaster7.com, among other places. For more information check out http://www.bigdayout.com/news_pressreleases.php?pid=65 at the official Big Day Out page.