Uncut's Why You So Crazy review

Why You So Crazy
by Andrew Mueller

The Dandy Warhols - "Why You So Crazy" (Dine Alone) (rating: 7 of 10)

Circa 1994, a punt on The Dandy Warhols reaching their 25th anniversary would have attracted even longer odds than a bet on Donald Trump becoming president. Here they still are, however, 10 albums in and sounding arrestingly unwearied by age. Why You So Crazy is the sound of a group that - reasonably, at this point - discern no reason to start being anything other than themselves, and is accordingly laced with trademark deadpan Americana ("Sins Are Forgiven"), stomping glam ("Be Alright"), droll boogie ("Motor City Steel") and the occasional addled abberaetion, such as "Highlife", which suggests a helium-dosed White Stripes.