Dandy Warhols: Bohemian Like You

Bohemian Like You
by Louis Pattison

Absolutely ace, this. A rumble of drums, the seedy warble of vintage porn Hammond, and then - look! - in struts a 'Brown Sugar'-style riff, naked as the day it was born, and swinging deliciously free. "I really love your hairdo, yeah", oozes Courtney Taylor, dripping on the rug. "I'm glad you like mine too/ Yeah, we're looking pretty cool..."

This is the quintessential Dandy Warhols moment to date: wryly self-mocking - after all, what are The Dandy Warhols if not the desperately cool hipsters that 'Bohemian...' so perfectly lampoons? - but still hellbent on making it to the party on time. A 'Common People' for the East Village set, and just as corkin' fine as that sounds.