Mojo's Why You So Crazy review

Why You So Crazy
by James McNair

The Dandy Warhols - "Why You So Crazy" (Dine Alone) (rating: 3 of 5)
Courtney Taylor-Taylor insists: "People are losing their minds."

Typically eclectic, off-kilter and irreverent, the Dandys' tenth studio album reflects a world gone "batshit crazy" - hence ironic country/gospel mashups Highlife and Sins Are Forgiven preach license to err. Terraform, meanwhile, seems to imagine interplanetary exodus, it's neat analogue synth hook and heavily-treated vocals a claustrophobic trip as we journey "into the void." The playful lampooning of classic US song-forms continues on Motor City Steel (imagine Giorgio Moroder retooling John Cougar's Jack & Diane), and the cruel, Velvets-like skewing of parochial apathy that is Small Town Girls. The sense of a band doing whatever the hang they want and to hell with any unified direction is cemented by instrumental closer Ondine, six minutes of florid, Mike Garson-like piano that would perfectly soundtrack a silent comedy about the decline of Western Civilization.