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Reviewer Source Score
RealZzzz Album Of The Year 55/100
Mgn125 Album Of The Year 45/100
Guy Oddy The Arts Desk 4/5
Arun Kendall Backseat Mafia 8.3/10
Bill Pearis Brooklyn Vegan Positive
CJ Wagstaff Buzz 2/5
Susan Hansen Clash 7/10
Cryptic Rock Cryptic Rock 4/5
Jordan Potter Far Out 2.5/5
Sage Banks Fresh Off The Scene Positive
Edwin McFee Hotpress 7/10
Andy Peterson Live4ever 7/10
Andy Thorley Maximum Volume 8/10
Grayson Haver Currin Mojo ((Print Only) 60/100
Ullrich Maurer Musik Review Germany 11/15
John Murphy MusicOhm (Behind Paywall)
Greg Walker Northern Transmissions 8.2/10
Brian Kuhar Psychedelic Scene 3/5
Frank Lahnemann Rolling Stone Germany 3/5
Ben Hughes RPM Online Positive
Nishant Varma Sinusoidal Music Positive
Smells Like Infinite Sadness Smells Like Infinite Sadness 5/5
Spencer Fleury Spectrum Culture 60/100
Mercedes Chircop Spill Magazine 9/10
Raul Stanciu Sputnik Music 4/5
Graeme Marsh Stereoboard 3/5
George Shelley Still Listening 69/100
Kristi Houk Substrate Radio Positive
Darryl Sterdan Tinnitist Positive
Jason Anderson Uncut ((Print Only) 70/100
arcticreviewsblog The Voice Of Unreason Positive
Emily Swingle Why Now 3/5